About Queermosa Awards

Who We Are

The Queermosa Awards is founded by Taiwan International Queer Film Festival (TIQFF) and sponsored by Portico Media.
In 2016, TIQFF reaches its 3rd year under the theme of “Let’s Connect.”  Although a young festival, TIQFF has established itself as one of the key anchors of the film and LGBT communities in Taiwan.  Through its selective programming, stimulating events and its tireless efforts to shed light on various issues, TIQFF has evolved from a film festival to a force that gently but firmly pushes for more equality in society.

Started in 2004, Portico Media is an active and comprehensive media company focused on content distribution and production.  In 2014, Portico Media became the key sponsor and partner of TIQFF and has from inception been integrally involved in the planning, financing, executing and promoting of the Festival.  A strong proponent of corporate social responsibility, Portico consistently utilizes its expertise and experience to generate greater social impact for the causes it champions.  Portico also actively produces and distributes LGBT content to generate more realistic and diverse representation in mass media.

Together, TIQFF and Portico Media collaborate once again to make Queermosa Awards a reality, and to ensure that the LGBT community and its champions are heard loud and clear, every year.

Why Queermosa Awards

According to the 2015 GLAAD Where We Are on TV report, there are a total of 271 regular and recurring characters on US terrestrial, cable and online TV shows in the US.  This has not always been the case, and this didn’t happen overnight.  As least in the US, the advocates of LGBT rights actively sought change in all sectors of society until the social mores and the legal system adjusted to reflect the reality of society: LGBT people are everywhere and this presence should be reflect in mass media.

This is the largest motivation behind the founding of Queermosa Awards: to bring broad media visibility to the people and companies working hard to have LGBT voices heard.  We might not have 271 LGBT characters on TV yet, but we should cherish what we have accomplished and recognize those achievements so that we can all have more motivation and support to push the often invisible niche community into acceptance and equal representation in the general masses. 

This is why we believe Queermosa Awards is essential and hope that you can join us.

Join us – be a part of the 1st Queermosa!

The Queermosa Awards will take place the Friday before Taiwan LGBT Pride, the largest Pride parade in Asia with over 60,000 participants in 2015.  The Awards present an opportunity for attendees (500+) to connect and enjoy each other’s company before Taiwan LGBT Pride.  The attendees will witness the 1st Queermosa Awards, as we honor the award recipients of the 10 nominated categories.  The award presenters will be celebrities who are also strong champions of LGBT rights, and the Awards will feature performances by singers who are prominent advocates for equality.  Come be a part of the 1st Queermosa Awards.  Come be a part of history-making.  It will be a fun and meaningful night to be remembered.