1st Queermosa Awards Final List

Generation Award: aMEI

Given to an influential public figure who has played a significant role in shaping contemporary LGBT culture and a longtime LGBT rights supporter.

  • 張惠妹
  • 蔡依林
    Jolin Tsai
  • 蔡康永
    Kang-Yong, Cai
  • 白先勇
    Xian-Yong, Bai
  • 蔡明亮
    Ming-Liang, Tsai

Pioneer Award: Jia-Wei, Qi

Honors a pioneer activist who has worked vigorously for LGBT rights.

  • 祁家威
    Jia-Wei, Qi
  • 尤美女
    Mei-Nu, Yiu
  • 同光教會
    Tong-Kwang Light House Presbyterian Church
  • 台灣同志諮詢熱線協會
    Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association
  • 台灣伴侶權益推動聯盟
    Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights

Entrepreneur Award: Qi-Mai, Shao

Honors an LGBT entrepreneur who has contributed to advance LGBT rights and whose outstanding career success is an inspiration to LGBT community.

  • 邵祺邁
    Qi-Mai, Shao
  • 王安頤
    An-Yi, Wang
  • 戴安娜
  • 林寒玉
    Han-Yu, Lin

LGBT Friendly Business Award: J.P. Morgan Taiwan

Given to an LGBT-friendly enterprise that is committed to support LGBT community and their rights.

  • 摩根投信
    J.P. Morgan Taiwan
  • 德臻法律事務所
    THe.Mis Attorney-at-law
  • 遊戲橘子
    Gamania Digital Entertainment Co.
  • 花旗銀行
    Citibank Taiwan ltd.
  • 仲誼公關
    Join Public Relations

Asia Pacific Short Film Award: The Fox Exploits the Tiger's Might

Selected by the Jury comprised of members of Asia Pacific Queer Film Festival Alliance (APQFFA), the short film must be an Asian production.

  • 狐假虎威
    The Fox Exploits the Tiger's Might
  • 赤裸的男孩
    A Naked Boy
  • When Mom Visits
    When Mom Visits

  • Open
  • 村裡的靈魂伴侶
    Soul Mates

Outstanding Chinese-Language TV Series Award: Rock Records In Love - Scar

Given to a TV series in Chinese language that portrays LGBT people and their stories fairly, accurately and comprehensively. The award goes to a production company.

  • 滾石愛情故事 - 傷痕
    Rock Records In Love - Scar
  • 同樂會
    Happy Together
  • 上癮
  • 今晚你想點什麼

Outstanding Visual Design Award: Ji-Ran, Ho

Given to a music video director, photographer or artist who has shown support for LGBT community through artistic expression.

Outstanding Journalism Award: The Reporter

Given to outstanding journalism of any medium, including but not limited to: print, TV and digital, that provides LGBT coverage in a fair, accurate, in-depth and comprehensive manner.


Public Vote Awards

Queer Icon Award: Dee, Hsu

Given to a celebrity in the field of music, film, theater or art who has a huge LGBT fan base and who has used the celebrity platform or works of art to support LGBT community.

  • 徐熙娣
    Dee, Hsu
  • 五月天
  • HUSH
  • 祖雄
  • 蘇打綠
  • 何韻詩
    Denise, Ho

Internet Phenomenon Award: Jin, Lin

Given to an internet celebrity who has used the platform to support LGBT community.

  • 林進
    Jin, Lin
  • 小A辣
  • 又仁誘人
  • 范巴特
    Bart, Fan
  • 鍾明軒
    Ming-Xuan, Zhong