Jury of the Queermosa Awards

The 1st Queermosa Awards Jury is comprised of 7 professionals within their fields.

Jury Chair Tieh-Chi Chang

Writer, political/cultural critic from Taiwan and a Ph.D candidate of political science at Columbia University. He is the co-founder and consultant of The Reporter, principal consultant of Business Next and columnist at Financial Times Chinese. He also writes columns for many major newspapers and magazines all over Asia in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia. In addition, he serves as host and producer of political talk show Talk to Taiwan. Previously he served as editor-in-chief at City Magazine, consultant for Initium Media and editor at the initial issue of the Chinese edition of Bloomberg Bussinessweek. Keeping close watch on LGBT rights activism and social movement, he has written numerous books on politics, social activism and rock music including Sounds and Fury: Can Rock & Roll Change the World?

For a long time, I’ve been keeping close watch on LGBT activism and have talked about it in some of my books; I talked about David Bowie and gender culture in “Sounds and Fury: Can Rock & Roll Change the Word?” and America’s fight for marriage equality; I did a cover story on City Magazine called “Gay and Proud” while I was the Head Editor.
It definitely means a lot to be in the Jury of the 1st Queermosa Awards. LGBT activism in Taiwan has made a lot of progress thanks to many people’s efforts, however, discrimination and inequality still exist. Queermosa Awards is created to acknowledge the efforts from pioneers, NGOs, businesses and cultural creators in hopes that our society will truly embrace diversity.

Jury Cha-Ray Chu

Professor of Shih Chien University Department of Communication Design, writer, artist and media veteran. She created LGBTalkshow, hoping to provide a platform for the public to learn about LGBT community and gender equality.

It’s truly an honor to be a part of the 1st Queermosa Awards. I got to enjoy many wonderful works that help make LGBT voices heard. But I also hope that we won’t let the glitter and the buzz steal the spotlight, but focus on the message these works are trying to convey. Queermosa is a important milestone. Through this platform, we are able to bear witness to the diversity and creativity existing in entertainment industry today. The media has been a major ally in raising awareness on LGBT rights progress, and so have many businesses and individual advocates who remain nameless but nonetheless a powerful force behind these movements. I’m so proud to be a part of Taiwan and I hope that Queermosa would keep shining its light on these amazing things happening in Taiwan.

Jury Derjk Wu

CEO of MUZIK&co Intl., Consultant of Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra, Music Director of Taiwan Pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai, Director of Sistema Taiwan, Consultant of Quanta Arts Foundation, QA Ring Project Manager, Ministry of Culture, Host of “My Selection”, National Education Radio and Consultant of Taiwan International Queer Film Festival

LGBT activism may sound politically correct, but it is actually absurd. We are fighting for something taken away since birth, something that may even cost lives in some countries. Needless to say the price is high. What is it we’re fighting for? Love. Equal rights to love. There are many aspects to love. Aside from legislation and media exposure, TIQFF and Queermosa offer more ways for the public to understand and participate in LGBT culture while paying tribute to those who came before us. I would like to thank every nominee and friends that are on the same journey with me. There will be a day when everyone is entitled to freedom, equality and the rights to love. I believe that day will come soon.

Jury Lee-Chiang Wu

Media veteran. Worked as a reporter for Entertainment News, Min Sheng Daily, Apple Daily and China Times. Author of You Don’t Really Know Entertainment News and Gossip is my Job.

I’m very honored to be invited and to serve on the Jury for the 1st Queermosa Awards. I’ve learned so much about LGBT-related issues and their lives. It is not yet legal for gays and lesbians to get married in Taiwan, so most people’s feelings for gay/lesbian relationships are limited to the dating part. After watching all nominated films, commercials, MVs and news reports, I now realize that it’s been so many LGBT people’s dream to get married, start a family and even adopt children. It’s a good thing that more and more people are friendly to the LGBT community, but still many hold prejudice against them. I hope that every gay/lesbian live their life with pride, not only because love trumps everything but also because we are all equal.

Jury Mei-Ing Juan

Head of Marketing/PR Division, Taiwan LGBT Hotline Association.
Previously a social worker focusing on sexual assaults and AIDS, she currently is the only straight-identified member of Hotline Association. She thinks heterosexuals have no excuse not to be a part of LGBT activism and hopes Hotline can be there for every gay and lesbians in need of assistance.

I’m so glad to be a part of the 1st Queermosa Awards. This is Taiwan’s first-ever award specifically dedicated to LGBT activism. This platform allows LGBT culture and people who have worked so hard behind it to be seen. Thanks to these relentless pioneers and their efforts, more people get to learn about LGBT people. Hopefully Queermosa Awards can inspire more LGBT-related creations so we get to enjoy their diversity. I hope Queermosa continues to grow and flourish in the future and highlights all kinds of different great things that are happening in the community.

Jury Tsai-Tsen Ke

Head Editor of Womany. Born in the early 90s. Graduated from Department of Foreign Languages of NTU. She firmly believes in the power of words and strives to make voices heard on gender issues. She also believes that empowering others empowers oneself.

The Queermosa Awards recognizes the queer community living on this island Formosa. For all these years, there have been many groups of people who have fought for gender equality and LGBT rights. They have paved the way before us so we can continue the journey today. The amazing thing about Queermosa is the awards ceremony allows them to be seen and makes it possible to spread this spirit throughout Asia, creating a better future for all genders.

Jury Chi-Chieh Chien

Studied horticulture, social work and gender studies. She used to be a DJ for Lazradio, member of Taiwan LezHand Association and also a member of Awakening Foundation.
All these past experiences combined with her years of meditation on concept of family, sexuality and sexual liberation have prepared her for marriage equality activism.

It’s an honor to be on the Jury for the 1st Queermosa Awards. Given my identity as a lesbian devoted to LGBT rights activism, I’m not used to being a judge but am more accustomed to being judged. It’s nice to be on the other side.
I think the concept of Queermosa Awards is significant. It means LGBT culture in Taiwan is developing in a more diverse way. Look at the various award categories! Queermosa Awards is also a “happening”, raising LGBT awareness and also encouraging more people to go on the journey of gender equality.
I hope Queermosa Awards can be an annual ceremony and I hope there will be more award categories and more nominees. It would be even better if there’re awards for True Love Association, Taiwan Family Association, Faith and Hope League…not the ones like Golden Raspberry Awards, but the ones like “Repentance Awards”!

Jury of the Best Asian Short Film Award


  • Taiwan International Queer Film Festival Jay Lin

  • Q! Film Festival
    Bangkok Gay and Lesbian Film FestivalJohn Badalu

  • Beijing Queer Film Festival Xiaogang Wei

  • Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Sachiko Imai

  • &PROUD Yangon LGBT Film Festival Billy Stewart

  • Shanghai PRIDE Film Festival Matthew Baren

  • Mardi Gras Film Festival Paul Struthers

  • QC International Pink Film Festival Nick Deocampo

  • Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Gary Mak

  • Seoul PRIDE Film Festival Dave Kim