Words from the Director

As an out and proud middle-aged gay father working in media in Taiwan, I no longer want to sit back and passively see my industry shrink and my society get stuck in an impasse.  It doesn't need to be this way at all.  Taiwan is full of open hearts and open minds who should align together to create beautiful music, films, TV programming, and writing that is reflective of a society capable of so much love.  As a member of the LGBT as well as the media/entertainment communities, I hope that the Queermosa Awards can play a small part to encourage more inclusive and original storytelling with characters that reflect the real make-up of society.  Yes, gays and straights habitat everywhere on this beautiful Formosa.  Queermosa Awards exists to reward those brave visionaries willing to step out of norm and make people recognize that reality.

I have been hearing for so many years of people praising that Taiwan is the "beacon" of gay "rights" in Asia.  But I wonder where are those "rights?"  I certainly don't see any gay & lesbian couples "legally" getting married in Taiwan, much less "legally" having children.  We are still treated as second-class citizens in our own country where we pay our civic duties, just like everybody else.  This is not a lifestyle issue, but is a crucial civil rights issue.

Rights don't just fall from the sky.  There is so much work that needs to be done to work with like-minded advocates, including politicians, officials, and NGOs to lead the general masses to see the "beacon" light, and finally make those rights equal and real.  The Queermosa Awards hopes to amass the light gathered from all of us tonight and shine bright and colorful in every direction so people know our message of "celebrating diversity and accelerating acceptance". 

This is the spirit of the Queermosa Awards, and I am honored to have your attendance. 

The Director of the QUEERMOSA AWARDS & TIQFF
Portico Media CEO